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In card magic, the concept of “packet tricks” has always been an exceptional and independent existence.

A packet trick or packet effect usually uses only a few cards, and not the whole deck, which makes it easy to carry around.

On the other hand, packet tricks can also polish your card magic, allowing you to significantly improve your sense of magic at a much lower level of difficulty. More importantly, a good packet trick usually has an interesting presentation, allowing it to express much more than what the cards themselves can.

And here we are, we present you 12 Packet Effects, they are the most classic effects in the world of the packet tricks, as well as ideas from within the TCC team.

-Printed by USPCC.

-Self-contained, individual packaging.

-Detailed instructions.((unless stated otherwise)

-We have also carefully designed a tri-fold envelope, so that you not only will be able to safely store your collection of cards with maximum protection, but also be aesthetically pleasing.

All of them are in stock and will be shipped in 24 Hours.

These will sent by air freight and it will usually arrive in your country within 7-14 days.

Packet Effects is our annual small project, but we enjoy them very much. We hope you will enjoy too.


1. 4 Ace Assembly (Four gaffed cards)

This is probably the most classic packet trick, and different magicians have their own version of it. The effect is classic but shocking. The four Aces are placed in four different packets but gather together again.

David Copperfield once put the story about him and his grandfather into a four Aces routine and then brought it to the world stage, which proceeded to shock and move the audience.

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