Faro Fundamentals by Greg Chapman

Faro Fundamentals - Greg Chapman - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This booklet covers a broad range of faro techniques, theory and applications. It includes descriptions of the all-in-the-hands and tabled faro shuffle. You’ll also find sections on the in-faro, out-faro, straddle faro, 51-card faro, eight-faro cycle, six faro belts, splitting perfect halves, correcting mistakes, stack and memorized deck applications, card controls, as well as more advanced concepts.

For those new to the faro and serious students alike, whether you’re looking to learn the faro, improve or consolidate your current handling or understanding, broaden your knowledge of essential

faro concepts, or explore its many applications, you need this booklet. It goes beyond basics in several areas, and there are a few nuggets buried inside that might appeal to more experienced cardicians and faro workers. Of the routines taught, one uses a regular deck and the other is a memorized deck routine.

  • Learn Fundamental Faro Technique
  • Explore Essential Faro Concepts
  • Discover Diabolical Applications
  • FINALLY Learn the Perfect Shuffle

Written and Illustrated by Greg Chapman with a foreword by Jeremy Griffith. 52 page booklet. Includes theory, techniques, applications and two routines.


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