Dimension L by Magic Cat

L Dimension - JL Magic - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A remarkably innovative and simple levitating system that doesn’t require any thread.

Brought to you by Korean Magic Company “Magicat” and JL Magic, “L Dimension” is an amazing tool that takes away the need for complex set-ups, and helps remove the fear of breaking thread or being caught, when performing levitation effects.

With the main effect, you can levitate light right in front of your audience’s eyes. But there is so much more to “L Dimension”.

You’ll learn 5 mind-blowing effects:

  • Polaris (floating light)
  • Libra (producing a magic wand from a floating light)
  • Gemini (double wand sequence with special light effect)
  • Worm Hole (producing a silk from within the floating light)
  • Meteor Shower (vanishing the light into a burst of confetti)

What’s in the Box:

  • Main body (light gimmick)
  • White magnetic wand
  • White flat wand
  • New arm band with dual magnet
  • 2 silk bases (1 small | 1 large)
  • Diamond silk

NOTE: Smoke device used in trailer is NOT included

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