Destinesia by Jamie Daws

Destinesia by Jamie Daws



Every flame begins with a spark. The spark is Destinesia. The flame is you.

Destinesia is a James Bond style utility device built into an every day Post-It Note pad. It’s used for whatever your mind conjures up. Road tested and refined after hundreds of performances,

Destinesia will become an invaluable tool in your performances. Only a select few have ever got their hands on this and everyone who has uses it! I have no doubt you will create some beautiful effects but to get you started, here is just some of what Destinesia can do!

SUPER SNEAKY CRIB – Use Destinesia as a real world crib device. Using some simple choreography and the Destinesia pad, you will never again have to worry about remembering lists, words or anything else for that matter! This will become an invaluable part of your working set and will allow you to focus purely on presentation!

VISUAL INK CHANGES – Imagine writing something on a Post-It Note pad. However, your prediction is totally wrong! Then, with a flick of the pad the prediction magically changes right before your spectator’s eyes! They can see the top piece of paper really is the only piece of paper in the whole pad with a prediction on! They can even keep the piece of paper if they wish! No ditching, no switching, just self contained visual goodness!

ADD A NUMBER – A Post-It Note pad is clipped to an envelope which stays in full view throughout. It’s passed around the group and everyone writes down a different number. The pad and envelope are then handed to a spectator. The pad is unclipped from the envelope and the numbers are added up. The number is then revealed to match a prediction inside the envelope from the beginning! The most organic and simple to use add a number pad ever!

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