David Williamson – Sleight.School – Study Session (ALL 18 Video)

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Access weekly Study Sessions and monthly Jam Sessions. Our monthly Jam Sessions have been great fun. These sessions are informal two-hour Zoom gathering, spanning various topics and featuring good-natured banter, information and idea sharing, and usually a surprise special guest!

You never know who might pop up in the future! In past Jams, Ben Earl, Shoot Ogawa, Chad Long, John Carney, Denis Behr, and Guy Hollingworth have dropped by. You never know who might pop up in the future.

In addition to the monthly Jam Session, join the weekly “brain-storming” Study Session. These sessions are one-hour Zoom meetings, focusing on a specific topic each week. The topic will be announced in advance (possibly by polling) to give all attendees time to think and prepare. The Study Sessions are recorded and posted for members.

I’d like to kick it off with a Study Session Tuesday, April 20th. And don’t forget our monthly Jam on Saturday, April 17th. I’ll post the details on the EVENTS page.

Of course, you can become a member without booking a lesson and start enjoying the benefits right now! I would like to get your feedback on the new Sleight.School web site and keep the conversations flowing on the Sleight Club Forum.

To that end, I’m happy to offer you two weeks of free access to Sleight.School to look around and try it out. You’ll need to join as a member. Use the discount code ERDNASE and pay nothing until May 1st when the $9 per month subscription fee kicks in. Cancel your subscription before May 1st. in the account menu if you don’t want the fee to kick in.

Once inside the members’ area, you can book a lesson at the discounted rate of $85. It is still possible to book a lesson at the $95 rate without being a member. But why would you, when for one dollar less, and you get a month of membership and all the benefits that go along with it? The 5 -or-4 Package Deal for lessons was previously available for $380. It is now only available to members but at the lower rate of $340.

Share this discount code with your friends who you think might like to check it out. The more, the merrier!

I hope you’ll drop in and check Sleight.School out. Please leave some feedback in the Forum and join us at the Jam Sessions… and thank you once again for a Magical Year!

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