Crazy Card by Hanson Chien

“I love Crazy Card. It’s a visual effect that will get you great reactions. I saved a place for it in my wallet.” – Menny Lindenfeld

“Crazy Card is clever, visual, and something I will be keeping in my wallet at all times!” – Josh Janousky

“I’ve always wanted to do Daniel Garcia’s Fraud with some other object. YOU NAILED IT. This. Is. Magic.” – Justin Flom

“The perfect wallet trick! Crazy Card is crazy and organic! I love it!” – Nicholas Lawrence


Crazy Card took Hanson Chien many years in development, it looks like an ordinary credit card, so you can carry it every day, and no one will doubt it.


Imagine this, you can move the chip on a credit card to any place, and you can even let spectators examine the card before and after the effect.


Besides moving the chip, Crazy Card includes special design mentalism effects, such as card prediction, the 37 force, and so on, allow you to discover them.

Hanson will use simple approaches to share his performances, and those allow you to bring spectators incredible surprises with Crazy Card.

In addition, we invited the champion of the Taiwan Mentalism Competition – Perl Lee to share his unique applications on Crazy Card. He is going to present this effect from the perspective of mentalism, so you can perform this without bringing a deck of cards.

Now, put Crazy Card into your wallet and let your spectators go crazy!

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    Pls upload Elastic Bill By Sutan Orazaly Bro

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