Conjuror Community – Our Favorite Tricks February 2022

Thanks to Adam Grace, you are about to experience the Mental Telegraphy psychic method that allows your audience to sort out all your junk mail for you! This powerful new presentation for the Elmsley Self-working Poker Deal is guaranteed to leave your audience shocked and surprised!
Next, Alex Slemmer shares a wonderful impromptu penetration from Jay Sankey , David Harkey and Eric Anderson. The result is a Pencil through Bill Routine featuring a borrowed bill! This is powerful, anytime magic at it’s finest!

Finally, Steve Barcellona brought the show home with a VERY subtle approach to creating a miracle class card effect that will allow you to free your mind and hands to focus on entertaining your AUDIENCE. This was a true ‘case study’ in how you can create anytime, anywhere miracle class card magic!

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