Clink by Chris Beason

Clink is a true close-up worker’s dream. At anytime, you pretend to produce a coin. Take the pretend coin and toss it in your shirt pocket…

…where the spectators both SEE and HEAR the coin arrive. Keep producing coins until your pocket is full. Here’s the cool part… you can then take the coins out of your pocket and hand them out. The imaginary coins have become real and are ALL examinable.

The best part is that Clink is totally customizable. Working a corporate party for a construction company? Perform Clink with screws. Performing magic at a poker table? Use poker chips. Clink is

truly only limited by your imagination.

The Clink gimmick takes about 45 seconds to make out of household objects and takes about a minute to install into your favorite shirt. You never have to remove the gimmick (although it’s INCREDIBLY easy to transfer from shirt to shirt) and it can be worn all day while taking up almost NO pocket space!

Note: Also included is a handling for performing Clink into a pants pocket.

Add Clink to your repertoire today.

“”Finally a Misers Dream routine perfect for strolling gigs without the need to carry anything extra on you!” -Josh Janousky

9 pages, PDF eBook

Free for this week only.

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