Chat Issue 11 by Ollie Mealing

Chat Issue 11 by Ollie Mealing [downloadf16233] - $3.95 :

In this issue, we’ll be chatting about creativity – our
ability to create ideas.
Before we get there I must apologise for the delay. I
realise that the last issue was released over two years

ago (18th October 2017) which is the average lifetime
of a hamster. RIP Ralph. The main reason for such a
cray-cray delay, is that I falsely believed I was ready
to theorise on this topic – but then when it came down
to it, I simply realised I wasn’t. As arrogant as this will
sound, the ‘problem’, is that my creativity comes fairly
naturally. Meaning that whilst I could’ve talked about
the experience and its benefits, I couldn’t articulate
the actual process. And therein lay my discontent. I
didn’t want to complete this issue, until being able to
incorporate a deeper, more valuable understanding
– one which divulges an outline of how it actually
works. So I started trying to observe my creative
flow, attempting to piece together a picture, of how
my mind voluntarily creates ideas. Countless thoughts
upon thoughts later, I’m happy to say that I arrived at
the understanding I’d sought, for both myself and for
sharing with you. The pursuit of this issue, has quite
literally been the best experience I’ve had for improving
my creativity. I hope that in sharing my insights, you
will gain something of value to empower your own
creative journey.
So at long last, it brings me great joy to say, I’m ready!
Thank you for your patience, let’s begin.

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