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The Knowing by Mike Powers

When Mike Powers needs to fool magicians and lay people, he grabs 21 cards. No seriously. He does the 21 card trick, but like you’ve never seen. No repetitive dealing sequences. No complicated math. You instantly know the card your spectator selected. This is The Knowing by Mike Powers.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces three piles of seven cards. A spectator picks up any pile, shuffles it, looks at the top card of that pile. They then put cards from another packet on the packet they are

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Checksum by Mark Lemon


Someone creates a unique 4 digit pin. Free choice.

The secret behind Checksum allows you to read their mind and know that number, every. Single. Time.

Checksum uses no magic apps, no toxic force, and the spectator’s borrowed phone.

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Switch One by Christian Grace

What I am sure about, is that the main one (Switch One) is a thing of (dare I say it?) terrifying beauty, with a retention of vision which I simply could not see through. I was speechless. I watched Christian repeatedly pick up a folded business card and slowly and cleanly open it, and it was done. Had he not so generously shared some of the “work” with me (I was very persistent!) I would not believe it was possible. The hour I spent sessioning with him about billets was the highlight of a really great convention. With Switch One, in my opinion, Christian both improves the method AND changes the moment. Obviously, different circumstances require different tools, but Switch One seems to be the perfect tool for many of those occasions.

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MIGRATE DLX COIN by Dr. Michael Rubinstein

Are you tired of the same old coin tricks that only last for 30 seconds to a minute? Do you want to add true variety to your act? Do you want to perform a memorable showpiece? Then you want Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s NEW coins across routine, MIGRATE!

What makes this coins across routine different?

– It is a comedy routine lasting over three minutes with audience interaction.

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