Ben Earl – Trade Secrets Bundle

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  • The Combination Shuffle

The Combination Shuffle is a stunningly deceptive False Overhand Shuffle. Even when you know what is happening, it’s hard to believe that no cards are out of place. You will learn everything you

need to make this a part of your permanent repertoire.

  • Finessed Frank Thompson Cut

A breakdown of Bens handling of the classic Frank Thompson False Cut. This False Cut technique has become a classic for good reason, it is simple, robust and deceptive, however Ben’s touches improve this already stellar classic. You will also learn a tabled version of this cut and a four card production which creates the impression of four cards being cut from direct areas in one fluid sequence.

  • The False Swing Cut

This is an amazingly deceptive False Swing Cut which looks completely innocent. Ben will go through all the touches, timing and psychology in order to make this technique something practical and reliable. You will also learn several other uses of this technique including a Triple False Swing Cut, bottom stock control and more.

  • The Overhand DPS

This handling of the Diagonal Palm Shift occurs within the action of a casual Overhand Shuffle. It simultaneously preserves a Top Stock—making it an extremely natural and versatile way to control, palm and steal cards.


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