Andrew Frost – Double Lift


The Grip
The Pushing Point
Standard Turnover

Pinched Turnover
Alternative Stuart Gordon
Dropped Tamariz / Bruce
D’Amico Change
Natural Doubles
Subtle Pushover
Spectator Double
Second Deal
Serious Second Deal
Face Up Colour Change
Double Deal
Hideout Subtlety
Hideout Switch

Initially released at Blackpool magic convention, we have a limited number of copies available on our site. Here is the foreword by Derren Brown, with whom Andy is currently on tour:

Andrew Frost has the best Double Lift I’ve ever seen.”

“And I’ve seen a few Double Lifts in my time. I’ve waited awkwardly while a pushy neophyte fumbles with a resolute index finger to get purchase; equally I’ve admired the smooth nonchalance with which an experienced card-botherer sets up for the ruse. But no matter how neatly achieved, I don’t think one has ever passed me by. There’s always a whiff, an aura which causes some internal radar needle to flutter and bounce as the sleight refuses to pass by entirely undetected.

Now, you’ll say, because it’s the kind of nasty thing you tend to say: what about the times when you were fooled? Surely on those occasions a Double deceived you, the point is that you wouldn’t have registered it, and therefore you won’t know to count such instances in your arrogant register of other people’s failings. Perhaps. In which case, it may be more accurate to say that Andrew’s is the only one I know has fooled me, but I’m sticking with my story. When he showed me the move, I could not process that I was watching a Double. It’s perfect.

Now, Andy is a brilliant magician. When I first asked him to join our team, I was taken aback by how loved he is by his peers. Everyone that knew him enthused wildly. And then once I spent a little time with him, I quickly understood their devotion. Furthermore, he manages to remain just as likeable when he performs. It’s very easy to become the worst version of ourselves the moment we step before an audience. Perhaps it’s his background in stand-up, or even teaching, but when he performs, he’s very present, completely natural and engaged even with a perfectly thought-through script, and very funny when he wants to be. I have cried with laughter at his tricks backstage when we toured together for Showman.

Moreover, he only has good things to say about other people. Listening in on the trio of Andy, Alex Hansford and Bradley Hodgins, who graced the show’s backstage, I was struck by how kind they were towards each other, how supportive and encouraging they were in their late night card sessions. Furthermore, this sentiment extended out towards the fraternity generally: they never had a bad word to say about anyone. When does that ever happen? Perhaps it’s the quiet security and generosity of spirit that comes with proper talent.

I don’t know how these qualities might come to inform a magic utility sleight like a Double Lift. But he is kind and wise and loved, and we should look closely at what such a person has to offer us. Pay attention to the details described here, because if you nail this, it’s a treasure. And then, if you get to spend more time with Andy, I hope that, like me, you try to keep learning.

Somewhere Indeed,
24th of January 2022″

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