ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 03)

The Impossible ACAAN – The Thought Of Card

In Lesson 3 of The ACAAN Project Danny teaches you the secrets of audience management through an utterly impossible thought of card at thought of number. Multiple members of the audience shuffle the deck. As the deck is reassembled one member of the audience thinks of any card while another member of the audience thinks of a card. The deck is not altered in any way, and when they count down to that number, the thought of card is impossibly discovered. Dani teaches a variety of handlings for this effect that put it within the abilities of magicians of all skill levels.

The lesson, an hour in length, is focused on audience management, hiding method in scripting, and another one of Dani’s nearly sleightless Any Card At Any Number effects. Key Takeaways for the student are:

Property Sequence
Understanding that a deck is more than just a collection of playing cards will unlock a new way to think about your card magic. Dani teaches you to recognize properties and qualities in the playing cards that will allow you to create sequences that you can use to devastating advantage in your card magic.

The Sensation
Giving your audience the feeling of real magic is more than just flashy effects. It’s the feeling that what they experienced is truly impossible. Dani will share with you how to pump your audience for an unbelievable amount of information, without it feeling like an interrogation. You’ll leave your audience with the sensation that the ACAAN is a true miracle.

Audience Management
The process of getting everyone involved in this ACAAN is a key part of disguising the method. Dani will discuss with you how he focuses the audience’s attention exactly where he wants it, and how he carries the focus away from any of the dirty work. This information is valuable to the student not just of ACAAN, but of all areas of magic.

Lesson Three of The ACAAAN Project builds upon the principles Dani has already shared with you while focusing on audience management, memory, and the sensation of a miracle. In addition to learning an amazing Thought Of Card ACAAN, you’ll become privy to some of the secrets that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so disarmingly devastating. It’s time to go to school with Dan DaOrtiz in lesson two of The ACAAN Project.

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