AATT2 – Which Hand by Aidan O’Sullivan

Have you ever wanted to win a 50/50 bet, repeatedly, whilst telling the other player how you’re winning each time?

Well now you can…

In this lecture, you will learn one of Aidan’s complete approaches to playing the simple ‘Which Hand’ game successfully, repeatedly and FOR REAL.

This was the second live lecture in our ‘All About The Tricks’ lecture series and the demand was so high that the lecture itself sold out, not once, not twice… BUT THREE TIMES!

For the past 10 years, Aidan has kept the real workings and psychology behind this routine amongst just a few friends but NOW is your opportunity to learn his main approach to the Which Hand plot, as he uncovers the Influence, Tells and Subtleties that he has developed over the past decade to play the game – for real.

Based on the live lecture alone, attendees have said that they were able to:

  • IMMEDIATELY perform this with 100% success.
  • Receive some THE BEST REACTIONS they have ever done.
  • Perform this OVER THE PHONE.
  • BOOK CORPORATE GIGS using this routine.

(And that’s just the start!)

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