A or B by Nicky Pagels

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Nicky Pagels – A or B?

A smash and stab effect which involve 2 choices.

Here’s what happens!

You explain that the participant have to make 2 choices.

The participant then have to choose between 2 bags A or B. After the participant has chosen one of the bags, he must now make his second choice. Which decides whether he should smash the bag he just chose or whether he should smash the opposite bag. And after you have explained choice number 2 you tell the participant that he can change his first choice if he wants. it’s entirely up to him!
The participant have 100% free choice all the time!
Once the participant has made the 2 choices. he must smash one of the bags! Which turns out to be empty…
Afterwards you ask the participant to take the contents out of the opposite bag, which turns out to be a large nail!
simple routine with gaping reactions!

The 2 choices the participant have to make!

Choice number 1 = The participant have to choose between 2 bags. Bag A or bag B ( This is not a magicians choice!)

Choice number 2 = one round of a which hand game. where the participant have to choose between one of your hands who hides 2 different business cards one white and one black. If he finds the white, he must smash the bag he has just chosen, if he finds the black, he must smash the opposite bag, Your hands stays in front of the participant when they choosing a hand. And both of your hands are fully opened so they can see there were always 2 diffrent choices!
(This is not a true or lie test/plot the participant have a 100% free choice!)

You always have 100% controle of which bag the participant a going to smash!
The participant can open the opposite bag himself and take the nail out.

This is a tool for the imagination of your creativity!

– NO magicians choice! 100% free choice!
– NO Lie or True plot
– 100% safe method!
– You have 100% controle!
– NO language restrictions!
– NO electronics!
– Easy to make!
– Easy to perform!
– Everything can be examined!

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