Wonder Card by Wonder Makers

Wonder Card by Wonder Makers

From visual productions to mind-blowing serial number predictions and more, Wonder Card is one of the practical and versatile credit card gimmicks we’ve ever offered. You’ll get 7 amazing magic tricks in one powerful credit card.

1. Easy Money
Show your hands empty before making a real bill appear in your spectator’s hands. They will never feel a thing. This looks like real magic.

2. Fire Balance
Check the balance of your account with just an ordinary lighter or your finger. This is pure magic. The Wonder Cardrecharges by itself and will be ready to go for your next performance in seconds.

3. Compact ATM
Very cleanly and visually produce any bill from your credit card in the blink of an eye.

4. Illegal Money
Retrieve money from a spectator’s account by rubbing their card with your card. A bill will magically appear between the two credit cards.

5. Bill to Coins
Instantly transform any bill into genuine steel coins.

6. Mental Bill Change
The Wonder Card gimmick also allow you to quickly and invisibly switch any spectator’s bill for your own. This not only allows you to perform amazing color changes, but can also help you perform some incredibly easy to do serial number divinations.

7. Safe Currency
Each Wonder Card box comes with 2 credit cards. 1 is gimmicked and the other has a prediction on the hologram that can be handed out for examination. This allows you to perform a mind-boggling magic trick where a spectator names any currency in the world and your prediction appears inside the hologram.

The Wonder Card is:

  • Fully angle proof
  • Can be carried in your wallet so you’re always ready to perform
  • Looks like a completely normal credit card

The comprehensive video tutorial will teach you all the secrets, mechanic and bonus effects. It is recorded in English and Russian.

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