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A Call To Palms by Wesley James
When Wesley James publishes a new book, you know you’ve got to have it, especially when it focuses on the single most powerful weapon in the arsenal of card magic, Palming. Whether you’ve always wanted to Palm cards, only Palm occasionally or are experienced and looking for exciting new applications, this volume will fill you with joy. If you’re a novice, it will make developing Palming skill easier than ever. If you already Palm frequently, you’ll think you’ve found heaven.

Dr. James has packed these 245+ pages, a masterwork on Palming, a gold mine for those experienced in card technique. It is, as its title states, “A Call to Palms.” Rarely does a book offer so much sophisticated thought and analysis. This is a book you’ll return to repeatedly, destined to become an invaluable reference you’ll consult when seeking new techniques to sharpen your Palming skills. It’s a book you’ll look to when you want to explore the history of standard and not so standard Palming related techniques, and effects.

In addition to the wealth of technique these pages contain, you’ll find new magic from Wesley’s repertoire, plus an extensive examination of the insightful yet practical work of Rick Silberman, the most complete revelation of the creations of Carl Albright and Wesley’s exceptional refinements of the innovative “Four Fly” routine of Tobias Dostal, exploiting a brand new Palming position.

This is Wesley’s largest book since his highly praised 2004 classic, Enchantments, and reveals the same deeply considered detail and accurate description he always delivers. In addition, it reveals new plots and the insightful thought he gives every effect and routine. Those who have read Wesley’s works know he examines card magic at an unprecedented depth. Linking Ring Magazine’s reviewer called a previous book, The Complete MOJO “a Ph.D. course in magic.”

No book can exhaust the subject of Palming but what A Call to Palms covers is examined at a depth no previous work has approached. Take it from Matt Field – former Editor of Magic Circular – Wesley is “One of the great minds and two of the great hands in magic,” you need to own A Call to Palms.

Get your order in today. The Table of Contents below will give you some idea of the material covered and the breadth and scope of this volume.

Table of Contents

Managing Vulnerability
Developing a Rule Base
Palming Revisited
Palm Positions
Full Palm
Gamblers’ Flat Palm
Front Palm
Thumb Palm
Spider Palm
Clip Steal
Bold Steal
Lateral Palm
Low Lateral Palm
High Lateral Palm
Tenkai Palm – Slydini Palm – Marlo Palm – Unit Control Grip
Rotated Tenkai
Deep Tenkai
Longitudinal Tenkai
Rear Palm
Gamblers’ Cop – Longitudinal Gamblers’ Cop
Misc (Back Palm, Deep Back Palm, Edge Grip, Corner Grip, etc.)
Palming Techniques
Single Card Palming techniques – Top/Bottom
Single Card Top Palm – Two hands (Vernon’s Topping the Deck)
Single Card Top Palm – One hand (One Hand Top Palm, Lowey Palm, Single Card Top Palm – Small Packet Small Packet One Hand Top (SPOT) Palm)
Single Card Bottom Palm – Two hands
Single Card Bottom Palm – One hand (The Curry Palm?)
Single Card Bottom Palm – Small Packet
Multiple Card Palming techniques – Top/Bottom
Multiple Card Top Palm – Two hands
Multiple Card Top Palm – One hand
Multiple Card Top Palm – Small Packet
Erdnase Bottom Palm – First Method
WJ Bottom Palm
Multiple Card Bottom Palm – One hand
Multiple Card Bottom Palm – Small Packet
Gamblers’ Cop
Insertion Steals
Diagonal Palm Shift (Modernizing Erdnase)
Direct Insertion Steal into Tenkai
The Thumb Slide
The Clip Steal
Palm Steal from a Spread
Palm Steal from a Divided Deck
From a Squared Deck (Side Steal, The WJ Side Steal, WJ Immediate Peek Steal)
Palm Conversions
Palm Conversion Chain
Add Backs – Top/Bottom/Middle
Tabled Add-ons
In-the-hands Add-ons
Small Packet Add-ons
Large Group Add-ons
Tabled Add-ons
In-the-hands Add-ons
Small Packet Add-ons
Large Group Add-ons
Tabled Add-ons
In-the-hands Add-ons
Small Packet Add-ons
Large Group Add-ons
Large Objects (Card Box Load, Right Hand Load, Left Hand Load, Card Withdrawal)
Small Openings and Enclosing Objects (Card in Cigarette)
Enclosing Objects (Half Fold, Quarter Fold, Lengthwise, Rectangular, Eighth Fold, Sixths Fold)
Loading Strategies
Palm Transfers
Why Transfer?
How to Transfer (Dai Vernon’s Time to Change)
Movement Patterns
Transfer Sequences
Table Transfers
Cuffs, Shelve Clips, Holdouts, and Bugs
Magicians’ Loads (Hung Cards, Bugs, The Pocket Index)
Clips and Droppers (The Nanny Dropper)
The Jack London Deck Vanish
The Kick-off Change
The Swing Vanisher
Card to Wallet
Card to Wallet II
Gone Here-There
Another Shaggy Dog Story (Script)
My Visitor I
My Visitor II (Patter for the Visitor, The Swing Slip Cut, Refinement of the One-handed Slip Cut, Off the Table One-handed Slip Cut(s))
Discolored Visitor (Four-as-Four Counts, The FAF-Two C Count, Splay Grip)
Jack in the Box
The James Revelation (Marlo Jog)
Tabled No Palm Aces
Face up No Palm Aces (The Charlier Tent Vanish)
King’s Passage (King 1, King 2, King 3, King 4)
Cards to Pocket – Reconnoiter and Abduct (Reconnoiter and Abduct)
Crandallers’ Prediction (Card in Matchbox, Etude for Matchbox and Aces)
The Hofzinser Therapy
The Card Magic of Rick Silberman
The Card Magic of Rick Silberman
Table Cloth Servante – Belly Hold-out – Knee Shelf
Selections, Steals and Palms (Spread Selections, Force)
Discoveries, Revelations and Changes (The Silberman Tebe Change)
Body Loading Applications and Techniques
The Silberman Rule Base
Some Picky some Less Picky Magic
Card in Cigarette Box
Scrambled Queens
Backfire Assembly (Flustration/Gemini Display, The Virgo Display)
The Lean Assembly
The Hotel 4 for 1 Mystery
Wide Open Travelers
Bareface Off-color Card Flite
The Card Magic of Carl Albright
Longitudinal Tenkai Palm (LTP) Palming
Producing a card from LTP
Applying LTP
LTP Sandwich
Maybe It’s In the Box (LTP Insertion Steal)
Jack Palmer (Preliminary Display, The 1st Jack, Reshow, Invisible Palming the 1st Jack, The 2nd Jack Appears, Reshow, Invisible Palming the 2nd Jack, The 3rd Jack Appears, Reshow, Invisible Palming the 4th Jack)
Non-Dominant One hand Gamblers’ Cop
Spread Action Cop
The Card Magic of Tobias Dostal
Four Fly

1st edition 2016, 250 pages.

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