Voyage by Danny Goldsmith

Voyage by Danny Goldsmith | Ellusionist online Magic Shop


Mid-2019 we had a meeting with Danny to scratch off one item from his bucket list… visiting Nepal. Our goal, to bring the magic community something authentic. No fancy penthouses & no room service.

The genie, for the first time, filmed from inside the bottle.


That Ellusionist debut became Silversmith, but what we didn’t tell you was that we filmed 2 more projects with Danny, while in Kathmandu.


This next one is VOYAGE – an exploration of ‘3-fly’ that transcends the visual limitations of the plot and adds juicy layers of audible deception.


All 3 routines are completely gimmickless and possible with your choice of coins.


If you’re looking to upskill your coin work, you can learn:


  • NAVI – 3 different coins fly through the air and into the awaiting hand, 1 by 1, without the hands EVER coming together. This is the cleanest and most fooling 3-fly we’ve EVER seen.
  • SILVER ECHOES – A 4 coin ‘3-fly’ where the deception is layered with audible tricky, as well as visual. You hear the coins leave the one hand and arrive in the other, but with closed fists and nothing to see, it HAS to be magic.
  • DRAGON FLY – Crossed-legged and crossed-armed, Danny teaches a flawless 3-fly of silver coins that are shown cleanly the entire way through. This routine has that stunning visual moment where you definitely gasped while watching it.

If you’ve been scared of coins before, or shelved each attempt in the past, Danny’s warm openness draws you back in.


This man is here for you… and for each second of the 1 hour, 40 minute project, you feel talked ‘up’ and not talked down to.


This isn’t a professional addressing a crowd of intermediate coin workers. This is a man, 1-on-1 slowly walking you through each step, from the ground up… with nothing overlooked.


Danny is so detail orientated that we flew to Colorado months after Kathmandu for him to give his freshest insights on these 3, refined routines.

Start learning ‘Voyage’ TODAY.

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