Virtual Mentalism Convention 2020 (Video+PDF)

Saturday 28th
12:30 PM Luca Volpe Welcome everybody
1:00:00 PM Lior Manor
2:00:00 PM Stuart Palm

3:00:00 PM David Meade GrowHow – proven tools to rebuild your business and earn more
4:00:00 PM Rob De Groof
5:00:00 PM Nicholas Einhorn
6:00:00 PM Rainer Mees & Thomas Heine – Peeks & Revelation
7:00:00 PM Todd Landman – Lessons from The Magicukum: Machiavelli’s Prince, Ring of Gyges, Icons, Roderick’s Diary
8:00:00 PM Ken Dyne
9:00:00 PM Jamie Salinas – Lottery Prediction “Lotto Fever 2.0” plus performance tips for peek reveals
10:00:00 PM RLee Davis – Staging
11:00:00 PM Banachek
0:00 Lincoln Kamm – Creativity boosting tools and creating custom effects & props
1:00 AM Luca Volpe Arrivederci ! (see you tomorrow)
Sunday 29th
1:00:00 PM Luca Volpe & Stefano Cavanna Emotional Mentalism
2:00:00 PM Stefan Olschewski – “It’s all in the Head”: Embracing Story lines and practical effects and ideas
3:00:00 PM Gustavo Vierini – Walk around Mentalism + Troubleshooting
4:00:00 PM Gilan Gork – Rapid Influence Formula for online marketing)
5:00:00 PM John Morton – Tricks and Ideas
6:00:00 PM Jan Forster
7:00:00 PM Pablo Amira – Pendulum Online Workshop
8:00:00 PM Alain Nu
9:00:00 PM Eric Samuels – Use The Force!
10:00:00 PM Guy Bavli
11:00:00 PM Richard Webster – 40 different ways to make money as a psychic entertainer
0:00 Christian D. Link – Bizarre Magik
1:00 AM Short Live from Luca Volpe Ciao Ciao!

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  1. Weapons by Dani Daortiz please

  2. Larry Hass – One Card and One Card Only

  3. Digital Dissolve BJ Bueno from Theory11
    Torn & Restored Transpo David Williamson from Theory11
    Boris Wild Marked Deck Project – 2 DVD Set from BigBlindMedia

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