TNT by Luke Oseland

TNT by Luke Oseland | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

One card is shown, signed, torn and restored… in the most impossible way.

There are a million and one ‘Torn and Restored’ card effects out there, but not many of them, if any, start with one card and end with an inspectable, signed impossible object that you give to your spectator.

TNT, or Torn ‘n’ Transformed is Luke’s creative answer to one of magic’s most impressive plots – Tearing & restoring a card.

For those that don’t know Luke as a creator, we’ve had our eye on him for many years. He didn’t know it back then, but we knew he had the potential for greatness. (Side-note: you may have seen his debut Ellusionist release PORTAL)

His gimmicks are inventive, flawless and can often be adapted to many other things.

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