The Halo Project Volume 2 by Harry Lorayne Performed by Rudy Tinoco

Magic Center Harri Online - The Halo Project Volume 2 by Harry ...

Contents of Volume 2:

“Color Gathering Plus” – Using sleight of hand, “luck”, and magic, the spectator (through a series of shuffles and cuts) is able to locate the aces and separate the deck into reds and blacks.

“The Indicator” (Taught by Paul Gordon) – After having the deck shuffled, you lay aside a prediction card. You have the spectator choose a card (say the 4 of clubs). Spelling their card leads to the other two 4’s. Then you show that your prediction card, that you placed on the table before you started, is the last 4.

“Sandwich Locator” (Taught by JohnnyNewYork) – Johnny teaches a nice follow up to any sandwich trick.

“Four By Four” – An incredible self working trick!! Four hands are dealt to four spectators. Each one shuffles the cards that they’ve been dealt and thinks of any one of them. They shuffle them again and hand the packets back to you in any order. You shuffle and re-deal the cards. You are easily able to name each person’s thought of card.

“Royal Impossibility” – In an amazing demonstration of skill, you openly lose a royal flush using a series of shuffles and cuts. Then, with a little help from your spectator, you cut five packets to the table. The top card of each packet makes a royal flush.

(running time: 49min 10secs)

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  1. Bro can you upload the APK of “The Stranger” by Jonathan Levit? Thank you

  2. This is only one Trick from the full video.

    Machinations .pdf also was not the book, but gimmicks.

    Why are you posting incomplete & misleading uploads? Just for the money? You are not treating your customers very well!

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