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TBTE : The Blind Third Eye by Peter Turner

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Peter Turner – TBTE The Blind Third Eye

It’s the difference between “How did you do that?” and “Since when have you had these abilitites?!”

Imagine walking up to a spectator, you ask to borrow an item and just by holding that item you’re able to reveal a personal piece of information… their exact birthdate!

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Peter Turner – When In Rome (PDF)

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Book is in ‘as new’ condition, completely fresh.
Here is the ad blurb from Peter Turner for this, the “Deluxe edition” of his latest book “When in Rome”:
“There will only ever be 200 copies of this edition ever released, anyone that knows me, knows when I say there will only be 200 released they know I mean it. There will never be a second run of the “Deluxe edition” and once they are gone, they are gone.
So what makes this book different to the regular edition of the notes? You will find extra effects, several added principles and more in-depth essays (things that are very, very devious) all neatly presented in a hardback book. The regular edition (not for release yet) will be paper back and not contain the additions. 

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Escalators By Peter Turner (2 DVD)

A few years ago Peter filmed a project which showed his take on Annemann (and friends) work that was titled ‘Jinxed’ – A project which contained updated variants and effects inspired by effects that Peter felt were overlooked gems (From PME).

In the last few months, Peter has tackled (In video form) Corinda’s 13 Steps in which is being titled ‘Escalators’.

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New York Lecture Notes by Peter Turner (PDF) (only Premium)

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Peter Turner was due to lecture at New York back in 2017 but due to ill health, hospital visits and the loss of his Father, it was put on the back burner.

After talking with several of the people who had intended to attend the lecture they asked if Peter had prepared notes. The answer is YES! Peter had planned something special for his trip to New York and thought he would make the notes available for anyone who was interested.

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The Midas Touch By Peter Turner (PDF) (only Premium)

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At the end of March 2018 Peter Turner finally decided to release his signature PK Touch routine.  This was to be limited to 100 copies for world wide sale and very kindly he set aside a limited quantity for the MindFX customers.

Due to a very busy work schedule Peter was never able to drop them off as originally planned.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got a call from Pete letting me know that he was passing through the area and that he had a very special package for me.

This package contained the incredible ‘Midas Touch’ booklets that he had dedicated for the MindFX customers, along with an additional surprise (his New York Lecture Notes).  As such, I am proud to make these items available and know already that fans of his material will adore the subtleties and linguistics used within these effects.

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