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Isolation by Michael Murray (PDF+Self Test+Props Scanned+All Bonus Videos) (only Premium)

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*This product is designed for an English speaking audience. Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish variants are planned for the future.

“Isolation has done with cards what Train Tracking did with words.” – Atlas Brookings

“Michael, you are truly a GENIUS. This is incredibly good in every way, shape, and form. Thank you for pouring your heart and sole into the project. I promise your effort has paid off. This is the Bible of “The Thought of Card” – Madison Adams Hagler

“I think he is talking ******** and there is no method he can just BLOODY READ MINDS” – Mike Donoghue

“Michael performed this for me over the phone earlier in the week and he nailed my thought of card twice in a row. The process was fast, engaging and mysterious. I really enjoyed it.” – Séamus Maguire

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