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Horizon by Joe Rindfleisch and Gregor Mann (only Premium)

Joe Rindfleisch and Gregor Mann have come up with a monster of a rubber effect.

One awesome move makes so many awesome effects possible.

-Toss a rubber band and instantly the rubber band is wrapped around your hand.
-Change the color of a rubber band in a flash.
-Pull one rubber band and make it split into two bands.

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RHO by Joe Rindfleisch (only Premium)

You will do things nobody believes. For a moment they’ll assume it’s a camera trick, because their brains are going to tell them it can’t be possible… but then… slowly…. they realize…. THEY’RE NOT WATCHING A VIDEO.

Joe Rindfleisch, the undisputed king of rubber band magic has topped even himself with this one. It’s a technique so deceptive, you can use it for color changes, teleportations, even passing rubber bands through SOLID GLASS.

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