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Trost-Worthy by David Regal

“There is a hard core of genius in Nick Trosts’s ‘Copycat’ and David Regal has sharpened it to a diamond point in TrostWorthy. If you like B’Wave, you’re gonna love this.” – Curtis Kam

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Symmetry by David Regal

“Such clever thinking” – Dave Loosley

“David has created a very fooling multiple phase matching routine here which had me scratching my head. Devious construction, fantastic effect and method!” – John Carey

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Not This. This! by David Regal

In a world where some of the strongest effects in mentalism are being done with high-end electronics, we need a hero to give us jaw-dropping reactions using only a pen and paper. David Regal is that hero. This spur of the moment mental effect allows you to produce a double prediction where you end totally clean.

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