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Passcode By Adrian Lacroix

Imagine this: The spectator is able to unlock your phone…
And then you unlock theirs too, with no apps required!!!

Adrian Lacroix found a way to perform this modern classic of mentalism at distance and with NO APPS!!!

You tell the audience that you are going to change your passcode for a number that will make sense with one of them, then you ask a spectator to think of some important numbers for him, he says

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Virtual Out Of This World by Adrian Lacroix

Virtual Out Of This World by Adrian Lacroix Instant Download

After Adrian Lacroix recently released “Virtual Triumph”, it went straight into the repertoires of some of the best working magicians in the world (Luis De Matos even performed it on national TV.).

Now Adrian brings a revolutionary way to perform a totally hands-off version of one of the best card tricks ever published: Paul Curry’s “Out Of This World”.

The spectator grabs a deck of cards, they shuffle it and then use their intuition to separate reds cards from black cards placing them all face down. At the end they find out every decision they made was correct! All this happens miles away in their own hands at their homes!

The perfect addition to your live AND virtual performances!

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Virtual Rising by Adrian Lacroix

During the last months Adrian Lacroix has been creating cutting-edge magic for online platforms.
Magicians like David Copperfield and Penn and Teller called Adrian to watch him perform those tricks.
Now he is releasing something that no one thought it was even possible: a Virtual Rising Card that happens in the spectators hand.

You will learn an underground principle that was hidden in full view for many years that will allow you to perform this miracle over a video call or in a live in person performance.
He will cover every detail in this 20 min download.

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Virtual Triumph by Adrian Lacroix

As performed by Luis De Matos and Penn & Teller on TV.

“Lacroix masks his method with super-smart misdirection. It’s perfect magical thinking.” – Penn & Teller

“Virtual Triumph is one of the coolest self-working card tricks I have ever seen. I actually ‘fooled myself’ the first time I did it! I will definitely be adding this to my next interactive online magic show!” – Cody S. Fisher

“Killer effect for virtual magic but also a great do as I do in person effect. Many variations and tips taught to fit any parameters.” – Ryan Shlutz

“I love this! Real magic that has power through a screen.” – Jon Armstrong

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Isolated by Adrian Lacroix

“For the first time, after learning Adrian’s effects, I actually want to start performing online shows because his effects are so strong!” – David Penn 

“Adrian Lacroix is creating contemporary miracles that deliver strong and unforgettable magic within the “simplicity” of a zoom call.”
– Luis De Matos

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