Sonic Dice by Hanson Chien

“I remember having great fun with Tenyo’s Flash Dice when I first began to learn magic. Sonic Dice is so much more than that.” – Hanson Chien

Imagine being able to control a roll of the dice at the speed of sound. This is SONIC DICE. Here is a summary of the effect:

Step One – Five dice are placed into a transparent box at random and covered with a tube and shaken.

Step Two – When the tube is removed, all the dice in the box show the same number.

Step Three – Repeat the first two steps, but without any cover.

It becomes more and more unbelievable for the spectators. It also has the following features:

•   It can be carried in your pocket.
•   It can be examinable.
•   It can be repeated.

SONIC DICE comes with everything you need to perform this visual miracle.

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