Predictagram by Owen Garfield

Predictagram from Owen Garfield | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

Turn Instagram into a WEAPON


Predictagram allows you to make predictions on YOUR Instagram – of ANYTHING… It perfectly (and automatically) duplicates your existing Instagram to hide in plain sight as something your audience sees every day.

While scrolling past your genuine photos and with no funny moves, any named prediction is input right under the spectators nose.


  • No switches
  • Update the app to your CURRENT Instagram photos with the push of a button
  • Fully customize using your own photos – or use the pre-loaded revelations we give you.

If you can scroll, you can perform this effect… It’s that easy.

  •  Rack up followers
  •  Ignite your brand
  •  Perform predictions of ANYTHING

As a perfect replica, Predictagram looks and feels like your own instagram… IT EVEN SUPPORTS DARK MODE.


BONUS FEATURE: As soon as a card is input in Predictagram the number of likes changes to the position of that card in Mnemonica. You don’t need to even know the stack to use this feature.

Eg. The 6 of spades will show 15 likes. Now you’re set-up for a ridiculously clean ACAAN.

Download Predictagram TODAY.




Predictagram isn’t just limited to playing cards.


With 52 ‘input’ spaces, you’ll be free to fully customize each image to whatever you want.


  •  Predict the Superbowl winner and their winning score.
  •  Predict the next President/Prime Minister and their winning margin.
  •  Predict the new #1 song in the Billboard Top 50.
  •  Predict someone’s exact age.
  •  Predict any US State they freely name.
  •  Predict the winner to NASCAR & F1 races.

The possibilities are endless.


Disguised as your normal Instagram app, Predictagram has become the ultimate prediction tool.


Predictagram has your back.


At Ellusionist we’re huge fans of bold magic and mentalism. Taking your opportunities where you can to create miracles.


However, what if that miracle should fail?


If your psychological force, or card trick goes wrong, you can use Predictagram to ‘get out of jail free‘.


It’s always there, it’s always ready – Predictagram resets instantly.




Predictagram was subject to an extensive beta-testing process, consisting of 3 phases.


  •  Construct the app for testing.
  •  Ellusionist Team tested at conventions and on the streets.
  •  Pre-released to a select group of magicians.

By working closely to fix any bugs that occurred across multiple devices, Predictagram was sent to war and came home stronger than ever.


Ellusionist’s full-time App Developer, Will Jones will be on stand-by day in, day out to help users with any concerns.


Apple just released an update? Don’t worry, Developers get early access to new phone features to ensure their apps will always work and stay compliant.


Like Cipher & Tempus, this app is going to be supported for years to come.




#1. Screenshot your favorite force card and post it to your real instagram account.




#2. Post at least 9 photos after it, to hide it down your feed.




Now you’re ready to perform.


Force that card with either a psych force or a deck of cards (in this case the Jack of Clubs). Now get your second spectator to name any card.


You use Predictagram to reveal that you predicted their freely named card. Amazing!


However, it’s not enough to predict the past, as a magician and mind-reader, it’s more powerful to change it.


Put your phone away and ask them to go to your Instagram on their phone.


Now ask them to name their card out loud. e.g. “Jack of Clubs”… It’s done.


As they scroll down on THEIR OWN PHONE they’ll see that you’ve changed the past, touching nothing.


It can’t be a digital trick or voice recognition. That’s their phone and their instagram app.


In this position they’re absolutely guaranteed to follow you on the spot and it ties up any loose ends for the skeptical spectator who would want to try and work out the initial effect.



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