Picasso Pro App by ProMystic & Ellusionist (Video+APP)

Picasso Pro | Ellusionist

In a collaboration between Craig Filcetti’s ProMystic and Ellusionist, this is Picasso Pro.

A revolutionary new app, that takes a stage mentalism effect and brings it into an app on your phone.

Walk up to a spectator and hand them a prediction. With your back turned, they then use THEIR phone (That’s right, their own phone) to color in a picture at random.

Only to have your prediction match perfectly. Picasso is SO clean.

There are no special props, extra sleight of hand, and it’s practically self-working. Perfect for bars, streets, stages or even perform it on a video call.

This app is fully customizable and can be done with your own templates, stickmen, and color labels. Giving you the ULTIMATE prediction tool.

This app is LIMITLESS.

Perform it across the globe. Like this performance of Peter Turner who is sat in the UK, performing to his friend in the United States over Facetime.


  1. is the app working? i cant install it in my phone!

  2. Thanks but the APK file will not install. Possibly corrupt

  3. Won’t install, have tried 3to4 times

  4. Cant install the app it says “APP NOT INSTALLED” plz Fix It.

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