PERPLEX by Criss Smith

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Seasoned performer Criss Smith brings you his DVD Perplex, full of worker material fine-tuned in front of bar audiences, which means it’s quick and intriguing material that will play for virtually any audience.

So if you are looking for incredible visual material for your spectators, order your copy today!

Included are:

Perplex v1 – An incredibly visual color change that happens in the blink on an eye!
Perplex v2 – Use Perplex as an invisible switch of two cards. So many applications…
Desirous – Your new Ambitious Card move! A card is selected and lost in the deck. The top card is shown to be an indifferent card, but visually transforms into the selected card!
Chameleon – A card is selected and signed and lost in the deck. Not only does the selection turn face up in the deck, but its changes from red to blue!
Will to Gleason – An elegant sandwich effect where two Jacks find a selected card from a shuffled deck!
Deliverance – An Ace Assembly with a kicker switch they won’t see coming!
Octopus Force – An incredible new force that can be incorporated into any effect!

“Beautiful application, the card punks will love this.”John Carey

“A really fun move that gets great reactions.”Daniel Chard

“Brilliant, it looks like real magic and can be performed in the real world.”Paul Pickford

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  1. Can you please upload Serendipity by Alan Hagen and Reflection by Bill Goodwin?

    Thanks a lot!

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