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PsyClock by Paul Stockman & Alakazam! Magic - Top Pro Clock Magic &  Mentalism! | #428479537

PsyClock by Paul Stockman and Alakazam Incredible Mentalism Effect A standard wall clock is shown to be working and the battery is removed to stop the clock. A spectator is selected from the audience. She is handed a bell and given the very important task of ringing it at some point during your show. She is told to ring it whenever she feels the time is right (she is not given any clues) even though every so often you may try and influence her choice You now set the clock with a prediction time, put it in a large envelope and place it on an easel or stand in full view of your audience. You never touch the clock again! At any given moment your spectator can ring the bell. (as you can image there is ample room for byplay and fun throughout the

show) When she does she is asked to come on stage, check the time on her watch and write it on the envelope. She now takes the envelope (which contains the clock) back to her seat and is instructed to keep it safe until the end of the show). As the finale to the show you ask her to bring the envelope back on stage, remove the clock from the envelope and call out the time you set it to at the beginning of the show. It is the exact time your spectator has written on the envelope! Use Psyclock at a close up performance by introducing it at the beginning of your set. It makes a great Finale to the evening getting everyone involved and will end the night with a standing ovation! Please note that the wooden stand is not included. You need to supply a similar stand (for example an easel or music stand) or make a simple stand to hold the clock. Full instructions are given, how to prepare the stand for performance. No Remote Controls No off stage Assistance Totally Self Contained Performer never touches the clock once its on the stand Great for Almost any performing situation Very Easy to perform (will fit straight in to your act) Fantastic if the revelation is used as your encore Comes complete with the Gimmicked Clock and full instructions on CD Rom.

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