Panda Switch Application by Creative Artists

Panda Switch Applications - Creative Artists

Ideal for cardicians wanting to expand their arsenal of sleights, the Panda Switch i—s a useful move that can be used as a force, control, colour change, switch or fake deal.

The magic is only limited by your imagination, and in this video download from Creative Artists you will learn some of the best applications of this move, such as a force, control, switch, false deal, colour change and the top change.

You will also learn an extremely visual Oil & Water routine, as well as a favorite card trick titled Magical Pile. For the more experienced card magician, with just a little bit of creativity you can also use it for your Sandwich, Wildcard, Ambitious Card and ACAAN routines, to name but a few.


Please note: The difficulty level for this has been rated at medium, meaning you should have a good working handling with cards and sleights.

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