Jack Carpenter’s PRP Revisited

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“We wanted to make sure you saw the full performance in the trailer, from start to finish. Yes, we know this is a routine that could be pieced together by a skilled card magician without purchasing but we hope that you will be interested in learning the finer points.

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Eclipse by Dave Loosley

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This trick DESTROYS magicians.

Here’s why:

1. A card is chosen from a BLUE pack AND SIGNED.
2. From your back pocket you pull out a RED prediction card with the words “MY PREDICTION” on it.

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Basic Palm Reading by Bill Perron

Basic Palm ReadingThe Ancient Science of Palmistry– Bill Perron – This video will allow anyone to rapidly, effectively, and profitably learn the intriguing language of the palm. Contains clear instructions on how to give a complete reading, including the meanings of the head line, heart line, life line, shape of the hands, the difference between the right and left hands, as well as an explanation of all the major and minor lines. Whether you are new to Palmistry or an experienced reader, this video is for you! Increase your income! Gain understanding of other people’s personalities, gifts and limitations

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All Seeing Eye by Dan Harlan

The All Seeing Eye (ASE) by Dan Harlan is a method to gather any piece of information written secretly by a spectator on a piece of paper. Before I watched All Seeing Eye, I couldn’t help but be skeptical–From the trailer, it just seemed like all the other methods that enable the performer to ascertain secret information from a folded paper. After I watched Dan Harlan’s instruction, I was pleasantly surprised with his original additions!

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Off Side by Rizki Nanda & RN Magic Present

This is what they said about Off Side:

“Rizki’s Matchbox effects will ‘light up’ your performance, truly ‘striking’ magic!” – Dave forrest (Professional magician & Creator of new best seller effect called “LOXELY”)

“So visual, well done!!” – Finix Chan (Creator of best seller effect called “JAIL BREAK”)

Off Side is an unique solution from Rizki nanda a magic creator and performer to make a solid matchstick through a solid matchbox effect anywhere and anytime.

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If you have been looking for a great money change effect you can actually hand out at the end for examination or spending. This one meets the criteria.
1. The gimmick is easy to construct
2. Work on any currency
3. Very visual quick.
4. Any time, any where
5. Can show the both sides.
6. No switchs
6. The bill can be handed out and there is nothing to examined-find!

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