Something Out of the Ordinary by Nicholas Lawrence

Organic looking magic with everyday object is the strongest form of magic people can experience live. Everything appears to be raw, unprepared, and totally unexpected.

Something Out of the Ordinary is a collection of extreme visual magic from Nicholas Lawrence’s everyday repertoire. Learn insane visual magic with objects you can find around you.

Extreme matchbooks transpo, colour changing rubber bands, straw through borrowed bills, cigarette through eye, and a couple easy to do visual card effects to complete the set. Whether if you are looking for materials to impress your client, or effects to perform for friends in casual setting, you’ll find useful material in Something Out of the Ordinary. Check out the trailer and see it for yourself!

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Christopher Williams-Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas is a collection of killer commercial card effects. On this DVD you will see Christopher Williams performing the effects in a live situation and get some spectacular reactions with some stunning visual card Magic.

All these routines come straight from Christopher’s working repertoire and have been streamlined to work in almost any performing environment. After seeing a live performance each effect is then individually broken down and explained in full detail in the studio including all the necessary sleights and subtleties that have been developed through countless performances.

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Greatest Party Tricks Wayne Dobson

This year’s double party-winner featuring Wayne Dobson includes a bonus programme from the hit TV show ‘Big Break, John Virgo’s tricks, tips, quips and clips’. TV star Wayne Dobson who recently resigned from the magic circle reveals here for the first time some of the cons and tricks of the card sharp and some of the scams of the professional trickster.

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357 by Tom Lauten

What The Audience Sees:

“This Friday was pretty cool! Jamie came by and told us that we were going to be playing Russian Roulette! Big Ted got a bit scared but Jamie explained that we were going to be using paper bullets and not real bullets- that would have been inappropriate for a corporate environment (in my opinion). Anyways, it was still exciting. Jamie showed us six pieces of paper and six envelopes. Each sheet of paper had a something written on it that symbolized a bullet and, on the other side, something that indicated that it would be safe. We turned one of the papers with the Bullet side face up and put all the papers in the separate envelopes at random. Without looking or anything, Jamie slowly pulled five of the six papers out of the envelopes with the Safe side face up! You have seen Big Ted with each revealing- you would think the things were real! It was really fun without being dangerous, and I have no idea how he did it!”

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