OOBE by Anthony Black (PDF)

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“Another vote here for its ease of use yet stunning appearance. Not just another pipe dream or impractical effect, a solid worker and lovely piece of theatre .I’ve paid four times or more the price of this for PDFs in the past which have left me seething due to their impracticability. For the price of two beers you’ll have a performance piece that you’ll use again and again.”-      Mark Thorold, Creator & Performer

“I bought this after vowing never to do so again… And it was a wakeup call… My “Just a Cup” from Axel Hecklau is now dice with death…”
–      Timothy Dowd, Magician

Are Out Of Body Experiences real?

Gain the power of Autoscopy and see beyond your senses…

You demonstrate the power of this technique to your audience!

A fully scripted professional routine involving Astral Projection and the mysteries which surround it…you and your audience join in an experiment…in which you are able to prove to them you were out of your body…and were able to see things…and know things…and move things…

Things will never be the same again…

…After you experience O.O.B.E

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