No Way Two Way by Mark Elsdon (PDF)

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Previously only available to those who’ve attended Mark’s acclaimed lecture, this incredible prediction effect is now available exclusively as a digital download.

From a spectator-shuffled deck a participant grabs a random bunch of cards (no force!) He counts these and uses the number to randomly select a card from the shuffled deck. The magician opens a prediction that has been in view all along and reveals exactly both the number of freely removed cards and the selection. The reaction is always the same: “No way!”

This powerful effect has stunned audiences everywhere and is perfect for both walk-around and stand-up performances. It comes complete with everything you need and includes the full handling details of Mark’s original version direct from his lecture, plus extra impromptu and expert handlings.

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  1. Can you please upload Pulled Extreme by Alan Rorrison for pro user 🙂

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