Nathan Kranzo – Fire Coins

Fire Coins - By Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

“Fire Coins is something I know I’ll work up and perform – the audience sees elegant, elemental magic and it can be done close-up or in a parlor setting.” – Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine

“His method for producing real smoke from a previously empty hand is genius. The effect is flawless and absolutely beautiful.”– Tim Quinlan, Inside Magic

“I’ll be using “Fire Coins,” an item in which three coins are produced from fire and are then vanished into fire in a very visual manner. It’s squeaky clean.”– Mike Powers

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  1. Request for following
    John Riggs – Magic From the Ambient Domain
    Ben Blau – The Ben Blau Project (Video +all art works and other docs)
    Michael Murray – A Brave New World (Video pdf)
    Lewis Le Val – 21st Century Shaman (HD quality)
    The Decksterity Code by Martin T. Hart
    Thank you .

  2. Quisiera mucho poder unirme y aprender magia gratis

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