“Looch has one of the most creative minds in the new generation of mentalists who have taken the art into the 21st Century. I like the way he thinks, as proven by the fact that I regularly use his creations in my own repertoire.”– Bob Cassidy

“Looch is one of the best creative forces in the field of mentalism. All of his ideas are clever, innovative and above all practical” -Marc Paul

“Looch has that special sort of mind that can devise sly, ingenious routines that will fool even the wise ones. He lays his traps with care, and knows how to be one step ahead of even the

sharpest spectator. If you like your mentalism to be practical yet deliciously baffling, he’s your man.” -Ian Rowland

“Looch’s way of thinking, as exemplified in his focus on practices both “simple and direct,” appeals greatly to me. He consistently crafts and shares methods and effects that add to my own knowledge and work. Looch uses the same principles when he teaches, providing a clear guide to what is important in mentalism and I always look forward to what he will come up with next!” -Dr. Bill Cushman

“There are mentalists whose work I respect and admire, and then there are mentalists whose work makes me wish I could go back in time and claim it as my own. Looch is the second kind.”– Joshua Quinn

“Looch never ceases to amaze me, his effects are clear, methods practical and end results are always winners. He works in the real world and it shows from the quality of his work.” -Marc Spelmann

“Since his debut of S.A.D, Looch has been an innovator who has shared his special way of approaching the art of entertaining with thoughts. His offerings are from his own personal working repertoire, and are proven workers, that are well worth your consideration.” -Sebastian Black

“Looch never fails to amaze me with his well thought out and meaningful approaches. Just Brilliant.” -Ben Harris

“It’s a constantly recurring experience for us to be astounded by Looch’s incredible thinking when he shares one of his brainchild’s with us. He has this rare ability of lateral thinking to create convincing and powerful effects even from technically simple ideas. He always goes the extra mile in pondering about an effect regarding its impact as well as its practicability. If you want a lesson in trimming an idea to its core – listen carefully to Looch!” –Thomas Heine, Rainer Mees – ParaLabs

“I love Looch! His material is practical, any place, any time. Solid tried and tested miracles that leave your audience with their brain spilling out of their head. My advice? Grab anything with his name on it, I predict it just might be the best products you get your hands on.” -Pete Turner

What will he teach?

Modern Classics (40 mins)

Would You Rather?
Inspire & Explore
The Line Up
School Days

Who is he?

Looch is the stage name of the multi award winning mind reader & mentalist from the UK. For over 15 years Looch has performed extensively all over the UK & Europe at a range of corporate and private events. Looch has a reputation for creating simple yet powerful mentalism and has released a plethora of highly praised and acclaimed work through his company Read My Mind Ltd. Looch is probably best known through his SAD (Simple & Direct) Mentalism book, the BLINK Peek Wallet & 2015’s Tarbell Book of the year ‘The Black Project’.


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