Lee Ang Hsuan – The Evolution of Card Manipulation

Lee Ang Hsuan - The Evolution of Card Manipulation|Stage magic

Lee Ang Hsuan, with his skillful performance of stage card manipulation, has shocked the world. His unique and original techniques of card manipulation have aroused the attention of some famous magic conventions, resulting in inviting him as a guest performer. Even the Magic Castle has invited him to perform on the stage that we magicians all eager to step on.

Award Records:
2009 Lotte World Magic Festival winner
2010 Magic Castle Special Award in TMA
2010 UGM Special Award in TMA
2011 Bankok International Magic Extravaganza winner

In this DVD, for the first time Lee Ang Hsuan reveals all the secrets of his original techniques. Through this DVD, you’ll learn not only his astonishing moves, but also the most popular techniques of stage card manipulation step by step. Enjoy the excitement of card manipulation with Lee Ang Hsuan now!


Basic Technique
Single Card Vanish
Cardini Single Card Production
Single Card Production
Split Fan Production
Moderate Technique
Twirling Card Production
Serial Cards Vanish
Perfect Dual Production
Tenkai Dual Production
Advanced Technique
Japanese Fan
Cross Fan Production
Absolute Vanish
Example Of Routine & Explanation

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