Kevin Bethea – My Friend George

The $100 Bill Switch is a standard for restaurant and close up workers all over the world. To be able to fold up a one-dollar bill, and with no cover unfold it into a $100 bill is to be able to gain instant attention from almost any audience. Kevin Bethea’s handling of this beautiful mystery is a sight to behold, and now he’s sharing his unique handling, My Friend George, with the magic community for the first time. This is a no thumb tip bill switch that happens right at the fingertips. This is My Friend George.

Kevin’s unique approach to the $100 Bill Switch is sure to teach you something new even if you already know the basic secret. Kevin uses no thumb tip, and has developed some special moves that allow you to show both hands empty and both sides of the bill. This handling is squeaky clean. With a tutorial clocking in at just over 30 minutes in length, Kevin goes into expert detail including step by step performer’s view of the switch so you can follow along at home. Plus, Kevin teaches a variety of ways to both clean up, and set up for the bill change so your hands can be shown empty before, during, and after the effect. My Friend George is a masterclass in bill switches.

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