Juan Tamariz – Verbal Magic

Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz, Gema Navarro – Quality Magic Books

“Juan Tamariz is a master of many aspects of card magic, and one of his unique areas of mastery is the ability to take card routines that rely on simple and often sleight-free methods, that produce effects that are largely intellectual rather than visceral or visual, and yet put them across effectively and make them connect with people. Tamariz developed and refined these skills many years ago when performing a weekly series of magical broadcasts over radio, that involved the spectators in their own homes, using playing cards or other simple materials. “Verbal Magic” is a unique instruction manual for how to makes such material work for remote audiences at a distance — whether over the radio, in virtual performance, or over the telephone. This is

not just a collection of such material, but it is a guide to how to transform such material into actual real-world performance.” – Jamy Ian Swiss

“Verbal Magic is a masterful treatise on how to turn mathematical and procedure heavy effects into strong performance magic. These are exactly the kind of effects most of us would have passed right over if we encountered them unadorned in the literature, but see as treasure now that they’ve been given the Tamariz treatment. Over the radio as Juan used them, over the phone if you’d like, or through the internet—if you perform remotely, for people at a distance, this book will be a resource you’ll return to again and again.” – Eric Mead

“I am amazed that there are still magicians who don’t own Verbal Magic. Juan Tamariz designed these tricks for radio, and they’re perfect for that, as well as over the telephone. But most importantly, these can be—and should be—done in person, with the spectators doing everything. We all know that magic that happens in the spectators’ hands is the most powerful kind there is. This book is, by definition, full of the most powerful magic there is. A must-have.” – John Lovick

“I really love Juan Tamariz’ Verbal Magic. I saw most of the tricks live, with Juan, at the radio studio. Not only were the tricks killing everyone in the studio, but the responses from listeners was simply incredible! These are miracles that can be performed by simply listening to the instructions or by watching them virtually. A masterpiece in thinking.” – Gaetan Bloom

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