James Coats – Mastering the Art of Watch Stealing

Mastering Watch Stealing DVD

Have you ever watched a magician or pickpocket steal a watch from an unsuspecting audience volunteer? Do you remember how strong the reaction was to that watch steal?

Well now you can add the power of a watch steal to your act – after learning from a well-versed professional!

On Mastering the Art of Watch Stealing, James Coats gives you an in-depth look at how to steal watches – all kinds of them! Classic, basic steals are taught, to be sure. But this DVD goes one step further. It teaches you how to take – using magic as your vehicle – virtually every style of watch in the book! Coats has held nothing back here. He describes, in minute detail, how to covertly remove watches with Velcro, Elastic Expanded, and Rolex-style bands.

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