Isolated by Adrian Lacroix

“For the first time, after learning Adrian’s effects, I actually want to start performing online shows because his effects are so strong!” – David Penn 

“Adrian Lacroix is creating contemporary miracles that deliver strong and unforgettable magic within the “simplicity” of a zoom call.”
– Luis De Matos

Imagine this…
The spectator thinks of any card in the deck and it suddenly appears inside an empty wine glass.

Introducing LACAAN the cleanest and easiest A.C.A.A.N:

Imagine that a spectator names any card and any number between 1 to 52. You start to count cards from a blue deck (isolated in a wine glass from the beginning) to find on that position a red backed card that matches the named card.
The best comes to the end, when you show that the entire deck was blank!

And for the mentalists:

Imagine that you leave a single playing card, or a prediction of a word or of a number, written and isolated in a wine glass in full view all the time, and when you turn the glass this prediction perfectly matches with your audience choices.

You can even perform a confabulation routine, and more…

Adrian explains three principles that combined can be used to do “miracles” on a virtual shows.


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