Isabella’s Star 2 by Peter Turner: The Star Goes Supernova

“Peter Turner’s “Isabella’s Star 2” is simply unlike anything else. Without any pre-show, the mentalist knows the star signs of participants, even naming the exact date of their birth. If you know my Student Peter Turner’s thinking, then you know this is not at all a usual pumping system, anagram or other typical approach. It looks like real Mind Reading and intuitive perception.” -Kenton Knepper

Pete Turner is undoubtedly one of the most highly respected mentalists and his works are always highly sought after amongst his peers. When he speaks, we listen.

Pete Turners mind is never far from his work and in Isabella’s Star 2, Pete picks up where the original (which was coauthored by David Sena) left off. He has listened to the feedback from owners of the original and as a result of this has reworked the effect from the ground up. There is no longer a need for complicated maths and the memory work has also been eliminated too.

The result is a true work of art and is one that you will be proud to perform time and time again.

Contents Include:

Forward by Kenton Knepper

The history and development of the “Isabella’s Star” effect.

Isabella’s Star
The original method and handling is taught in full.

Isabella’s Star 2
An introduction to the new version and its variations.

An introduction to the prop less star sign divination.

Obtaining the Astrological Number
A collection of methods and routines for determining an astrological number. These include:


    • Marked Cards/Non-Marked Cards
    • Numerology Cards (Including providing source)
    • Kenton’s Calculation (A beautiful one on one piece that requires no cards and nothing written down)
    • Mums the Word (A method for linking this effect to another beautiful effect)
    • Annemann al a Turner (Pete’s preferred method for the effect)
    • Variation #2
    • Poison Peek – Karl Scott (Nothing written down, beautiful numerology piece, no cards)
    • Telefoto – Using modern technology to assist your demonstration.
    • You Thief (A classic in mentalism used in conjunction with this beautiful routine)
    • Write P**k
    • Just Ask


The Pad


    • Key to understanding the pad
    • How to construct the pad
    • The handling of the pad
    • Why the pad




    • Eye Spy Principle


Playing with the Elements


    • What Element is the Participant? (full divination methodology)
    • C.U.P.S Michael Murray (amazing principle with so many different utilization’s)
    • Elements and their Meanings (simple reading systems and meanings for the star signs and their elements to help you in giving readings)


Star Signs are Divine


    • Reveal the Star Sign
    • Clever Questions
    • Eye to Eye (Bonus star sign reveal)
    • Bold, Time Delay and Reveal
    • Ask Them
    • Other Sources


Revealing a Birthday Present – (or piece of Q&A information)

Pad-less Variation Explanation

A Poem
(Steven Young’s beautiful poem to remember the order of the star signs)

Back Story for the Effect
The heart warming patter and presentation that breathes emotion and life into this incredible effect.

Check out the Isabella’s Star companion book “Zodiacus” to enhance you performance even further.

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