Hy-Pe By Casper & 13 Souls

Hy-Pe – By Casper – The 13 Souls
Hypnotic Persuasion = Hy-Pe
I have been performing hypno based effects for around 10 years.
This is simple.
If you have never performed hypnosis before… Then start here.

This is not hypnosis. This is pseudo hypnosis.
The best thing about this download is that if these affects are performed well, it can lead to actual hypnosis!
One of the effects on this download (Under the Influence) is something I have performed for many years. You learn a quick simple version and a full routined based version. I have performed these at all types of events and venues. They always play big if done correctly.
The other affects are routine based. Again if they are performed correctly, they could lead to full hypnosis. They use objects (as a magician/mentalist) that most of us use in our sets anyway!
I have been wanting to release this download for a number of years now. I finally believe that now is the time …

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