Flashback by Dani DaOrtiz

Imagination is the strongest force in the universe, and Dani DaOrtiz has created a STUNNING demonstration of its raw power.

Using just a deck of cards you explain that imagination is more powerful than reality. If a card appears to be red, one can simply imagine it to be black. And if it appears black, one can simply imagine it red.

AS YOUR AUDIENCE DECIDES, you deal each card FACE-UP, into one of two piles. A “red” pile and a “black” pile (the reality is, both piles are a mixture of red and black cards, but we are only interested in our IMAGINATION!)

THE MIRACLE ENDING shocks everyone.

When you spread the piles out again, IMAGINATION HAS BECOME REALITY. The two piles are perfectly separated by color.

Flashback is EASY to do, yet looks IMPOSSIBLE. With very little practice, you’ll be demonstrating the awesome power of imagination. Comes with everything that you need to amaze.

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