Erik Tait Act – Penguin Live Online Lecture

“Learn the snap deal from the real deal. Eric Tait’s handling of this clever move is devastating. Eric Tait is a real triple-threat in magic. Amazing sleight of hand, extremely funny, and he has the best beard in magic.” -John George

“Erik Tait does card magic that I love. Why? Because it’s entertaining and he is not afraid to use the right tool for the job.”– Jon Armstrong

“He does the Snap Deal better than anyone on the planet.”– Farrell Dillon

“Erik is a beast.”– Brent Braun

“Erik Tait has superb skills in card magic, comedy, and holding boxes over his head for extended periods of time for illusionists! His ability to perform the snap deal and make it look effortless is proof!”– Chastain Crisswell

“I count on Erik to teach me how to do the hard stuff. You should too.”– Nick Locapo

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  1. Can you upload some of these two books? “Art Decko” and “Simply Simon” by Simon Aronson.


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