ECP by Semjon Sidanov

ECP by Semjon Sidanov – Lost Art Magic

The Erdnase Change was first published in the book Expert At The Card Table. In these pages an unknown author shares a handling for a colour change so devious and simple that almost every magician does it. Semjon’s obsession with this move has culminated into this incredible project filled with every touch and nuance Semjon has developed over the span of 10 years.

Using Semjon’s refined technique you will be able to make a single card change, vanish, appear, and so many other crazy visuals that look so good you will swear they are camera tricks.

It’s time to upgrade your Erdnase change with a brand new engine that opens up the doors to a whole world of possibilities. Introducing Semjon Sidanov’s Erdnase Change Project. ECP.

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  1. Can you please upload Asi Wind Masterclass Week 1 and 2 ?

    Thanks a bunch !!

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