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Tudor Twenty Thirteen DVD by Brian Tudor - Wholesale Magic

Brian Tudor is BACK! The world-renowned sleight of hand artist and trendsetter returns with new, original techniques featuring his signature speed.

Shuffling a deck of cards is common. Ordinary. But in this amazing DVD, Brian Tudor presents the world’s fastest shuffle, The Tudor Shuffle Three! Now, what looks like a regular shuffle hides an extraordinary secret. A perfect Faro!

Brian teaches you step-by-step how to perform and perfect his shuffle; the most efficient mechanics known to date for a perfect 26/26 Faro shuffle. Along with The Tudor Shuffle Three, Brian “Shows Off” seven more special moves and six full routines:

• The Tudor Shuffle Three

• 4X R.F.P

• Pass Cut (Paul David)

• Four Slip Cut Production (Terry LaGerrould)

• Speed Cut (Showoff 1999 – Full Deck Retention)

• Jack Carpenter’s Production

• Awesome Blossom Production (Showoff 2)

• Tudor’s Customized Four of a Kind Production

• Vertical Table Display (Fast Action)

• Tudor’s Different Direction Spins

• Tudor’s Top Change

• Nano Break

• Drop Replacement

• Paul David’s Back to Back Color Change

• Tudor’s One Hand Side Steal

• Battle Trick

Brian Tudor’s Twenty Thirteen (2013) DVD commemorates The Tudor Shuffle Three. Learn this amazing shuffle, add it to your show, and take your card magic to a whole new level. Showoff like never before!

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