Breached/Compromised by Ryan Tricks (PDF)

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From Peter turner:

I totally felt like someone was playing a joke on me. At first I thought it was someone behind me, so I was more private and still he managed to guess my private thoughts.

– I’m usually not fooled, it was nice to feel that way. Kudos Ryan Tricks and when I found the method out I went crazy – Literally.


I don’t promote anyone’s work – This I feel is going to be of use to the few that get hold of this *note I gain nothing from posting this* so I thought I’d give you the details as he’s only limiting this to 100 units – it’s ****ing nuts.


Someone can literally think of a contact in their phone, with 100% accuracy you guess it. They can think of a word image send it to that person and you also proceed to guess it and for good measure you can repeat this at will and know totally private information you couldn’t know – every time.


“What Ryan has devised is an effect that’s diabolical and frankly quite scary in the depths of what information it allows you to attain from a totally unwitting spectator. This is powerful, TV strength mentalism that you can perform on the streets of any city in the world.” – Lloyd Barnes


Paloma Faith saw this and proceeded to use words I won’t repeat followed by calling Ryan the best magician she’d seen – and she’s in the magic circle.

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